Customized MagnetX
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Great Holiday Gift, give MagnetXTM a truly unique game that everyone likes! MagnetX Action Strategy Game

Make your own personalized game for yourself or for your business.  Great holiday gift!

Take a favorite picture or company logo and we'll laser etch it on the game.   Get a discount on larger orders as well. 


The best image will be black/white with good solid lines.  Color background or even gray scale backgrounds might not work well.


1) Send your request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2) Attach your photo to the request.  This should be in JPEG, GIF, PSD, or EPS format.

3) We will respond letting know if the picture will work.  Note, the picture must be one that you own and is not copyrighted by some other party.  Otherwise, written permission must be accompany the request.

There is a $25 charge for the customization per game.  Larger quantity orders get a significant discount.

Customized MagnetX Action Strategy Board Game
Price: $67.50