Care and Maintenance
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While PsyX Games strives to produce a high quality game and game pieces, care of MagnetX will ensure many years of enjoyment. 

Caring For  Your Game Board:

After playing your game many times, you might notice that the surface of your board may look dull.  Many fine scratches are the cause.  This will also have a slight effect on game play, causing the Stones to be less reactive to each other because of the increase in friction. Optimally the surface of your board, The Field, should be kept clean and polished. A clean, well polished board will make the game play as it was intended, allowing the stones to slide easily.


A quality plastic polish should be used to restore the finish of your game. PsyX Games suggests the use of Novus Plastic Polish or a top quality fine scratch plastic polish.  We suggests the use of Novus 2 Fine Scratch Remover for the general repair and maintenance of your boards surface and Novus 1 Plastic Clean and Shine for cleaning without scratching.


 Caring For Your Stones:

To keep your stones in the best possible condition they should not be dropped, ground against each other or treated roughly.
The Stones should be kept clean so that they retain their intended game properties.  Use a clean damp cotton cloth and wipe each Stone individually. Then place them apart for a few moments to dry properly.  No harsh or abrasive materials should be used to clean The Stones.