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Brace yourself for a fantastic new game. Everyone remembers playing with magnets, they are naturally curious objects, by themselves they are occupying.  MagnetX brings to mind magnetics or magnetism.  PsyX Games proudly presents MagnetX as a new game classic. With rules that take only a moment to learn and set up that takes no time, MagnetX is ready to play. Perfect for parties and social occasions. Hours of fun and challenging play for one, two or more players. Even watching is fun.

MagnetX action strategy board game
MagnetX Action Strategy Board Game

 Fun and Exciting game play for all players, yet easy to learn.

Strategy that allows players to challenge each other quickly.

Surprising action that is entertaining to watch.

Showpiece quality that will make your friends curious to play.

MagnetX Action Strategy Board Game
Price: $42.50

  • MagnetX is a unique strategy game that is requires both strategy and eye-hand coordination in order to win.  With simple rules, anyone can play (recommended age 8 years or older due to small magnets).  It is a fantastic party or family game.  Entertain customers while they wait for your services.  You can play it solo or up to 4 or more people.  There are additional variations to the game that will provide hours of entertainment.

  • MagnetX has explosive action. Be prepared for hoots and hollers as the players jeer and cheer. It's addictive fun! MagnetX is for people who like to be mentally challenged as well as prove their hand-eye coordination in a fine balance of luck and skill.