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PsyX Games proudly presents its first and flagship creation, easy to learn, fast to play.  This is a brand new twist on the abstract strategy board game genre.  This abstract game is like Chess but with a Action: the game feels alive as stones wiggle, turn, spin, and collide.  Everyone remembers playing with magnets, they are naturally curious objects, by themselves they are occupying and now PsyX Games has brought them together in a game that will challenge you - MagnetX.

MagnetX captures the attention of all ages as players take turns in a game of challenging hand eye coordination and light-hearted strategy.  Watch MagnetX react to your every movement as you place Stones on the Field.  MagnetX is for people who enjoy a mental challenge, with its explosive action that causes players to hoot, holler, jeer and cheer.  It's addictive fun!   

MagnetXTM unique looks lend itself well to coffee table conversation as passersby quickly become curious and seek a hands on experience of its one of a kind game play.  Buy one now and be one of the first in the world to own this instant game classic. 

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Parents will be happy to know it takes no preparation and they can play with their kids (ages 8+) at a whim.  Perfect for parties and social occasions.  Hours of fun and challenging play for one, two or more players.  Even watching is fun.  Use advanced rules, though simple as well, will add a new dimension to play as strategy becomes even more important.

MagnetX is a game of strategy, wit, hand-eye coordination, action and reaction, unlike any other game.  The rules take only moment to learn and can be played by nearly all ages.  Though simple in concept MagnetX is comprised of a fine balance of skill and luck. 

MagnetX is designed for two to six players.  Consists of a 9” x 9” playing field and 20 polished magnetic stones that vary in shapes, sizes, and magnetic strength.  Each game is unique with its own set of stones, each with a different personality.

With rules that take only a moment to learn and set up that takes no time, MagnetX is ready to play.   

MagnetX Action Strategy Board Game
Price: $42.50