New Variations
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The following are variations suggested or sent in by our customers that PsyX Games found unique and worth sharing:

Speed MagnetX

This is a two-player fast play variation.  One player puts aside six stones and then creates two Piles of seven Stones.  Then the opponent chooses one of the two Piles.  Play begins with both players placing Stones simultaneously as quickly as possible.  If a player causes Stones to foul, they loose.  If a player places their seventh Stone first, that player wins.  A game of Speed MagnetX lasts about 3 to 10 seconds!  Played with multiple players the winner stays and creates the two seven Stone Piles and new challenger rotates in and gets to take the Pile of their choice.

3rd Stone Rule

This variation rule applies to games that consist of four players or more.  With this variation rule if a player places a third Stone on their turn, that player may pass the Pile to the player of their choice and choose the direction of play that the game will continue in.  NOTE: This has now been moved into the main rules.